The Blair Witch! . . . .2?

The Blair Witch! . . . .2?

Let’s get this out right away. This is a sequel to the original. For the few people out there protesting because there already was a sequel called Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2, you’re right. And you’re also wrong because it was a terrible movie which we will now pretend doesn’t exist. I’ll wait while you give it a try.

Now that that’s done, let’s continue. It’s a sequel. It follows the story line from the first movie by having a family member come looking for one of the previous cast. Which if our memory serves us right probably died in time out?  So there’s your plot. Kinda simple.

It follows in the footsteps of its predecessor by being a shaky cam movie, which in my opinion is a little tiring now but they have to stick with what worked. Once. Back in 1999. When it was new. Its’s not new now so surprises are hard to come by.

The main scares for the majority of the movie come from loud noises. I kept picturing the Blair Witch off camera somewhere smoking a cigarette and using it to fire off a cannon without the cannonball as her first scare tactic. I of course jumped each time there was a loud noise but that’s only because I’m susceptible to loud noises in a theater. It really wasn’t intimidating. The characters were freaked out and rightly so because who fires a cannon in the woods for no reason? Witches.

The scares attempt to ramp up from there with some hanging Blair Witch crafts the witch works on in-between putting people into lethal time outs. Then the sky goes dark. All the time. Unsettling at best.


Arts and Crafts

Now at this point four of the characters decided the best thing to do is go do something off by themselves. It’s like every character read How to Not Survive a Horror Movie and took it to heart. So due to varying circumstances everyone is split up and the Blair Witch has easy pickings.


Main character is the middle dish.

Towards the end the film makers decided that it would be a good idea to show the Blair Witch. It was at this point I started to lose interest in it. The Blair Witch Project relied on the viewer to scare themselves the whole time in anticipation of something jumping out. Blair Witch  turns into a monster flick and you’re imagination is allowed to take a break. You more or less know what’s going to happen for the rest of the movie so any adrenaline you had saved up just peters out.

The Blair Witch Project used nothing but shaky cams, tortured actors and the viewer to make it terrifying. Blair Witch had a bigger budget and better effects but in the end I think it was a disadvantage. The Blair Witch Project had a budget of $60,000 and it made a killing. $248.6 million dollars of a killing.  Blair Witch had a budget of $10 million and it fell short of its predecessor with only $37.5 million in return.

Overall, I thought it was still decent up until the last 20 minutes during which they showed the Blair Witch with CG effects and castrated itself.



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