Review: Super Human Resources Vol. 2


When I started reading Volume 2 of Super Human Resources, I was eager to find out what had happened to all the character after the first volume. We quickly learn that things are much better at Super Crises International (SCI). Our hero Tim has definitely gotten a hang of working in Human Resources at SCI. Finding ways to cut costs and even leasing out a new jet for our our superhero team.


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Life seems great but it couldn’t last forever. We quickly get into the second chapter of Tim’s story and it is a fun ride. I really want to get into the details but I will keep this a spoiler free review. What I can say is that a few of the secondary characters get their back story fleshed out a bit more. We learn about Plasmarellas family and where she comes from. The villain Devastator has a daughter?! Yeah, that happens. I love the idea that this world is so much bigger and it makes me want to learn more. I personally would love to see one-shots focusing on some of the secondary characters, I think there is a lot of potential for amazing stories.

Volume 2 has a lot more twists and turns than volume 1. It is both a good thing and a bad thing. Some of the characters benefit greatly with much more characterization but we do get a few that seem to be much more in the background than I would have liked. With so many great characters, you can’t always feature all of them. The story comes first and foremost. Writer and Creator Ken Marcus does a great job with giving us an intriguing story with many threads that line up nicely in the end.


I mentioned in my review of the first volume that it took me a while to get used to the art. This time around it was not the case. Armando Zanker has an art style that lends itself well to this type of book. It is cartoony, fun, and expressive. I can see Super Human Resources being a Saturday Morning Cartoon with the way Armando draws it.


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Another difference I saw had to deal with the fonts used. You can see how they vary depending on the character. Overall they work great but with one exception. I was not a fan of the font used with Zeus. It made it difficult to read, so much so that I found myself skipping some of what he had to say.

I also missed all the pinups. I loved seeing art from various artists in volume one.

Final Thoughts

I really enjoyed Volume 2. It took the premise from Volume 1 and expanded it in a way that still feels fresh. It is a fun read and I recommend it to anyone that loves humor in their comics. The few issues I found weren’t anything major (fonts and minor grammatical errors). Nothing that took away from the story.

I give it a 4 out of 5 Lucha Masks.

Learn more about Super Human Resources from Ken Marcus in our interview. Lot’s of great insight.

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