Voracious: Feeding Time Kickstarter

This has been a week of Voraious content. We started with a great interview with Markisan Naso. Then we gave you our review of Voracious Volume 1 and now we are excited to present to you the Kickstarter for Voracious Volume 2. Make sure to check it out because they have some great rewards. I will be funding it soon, just deciding whether I want the Apron or not. Oh decisions.

Check out what the Voracious: Feeding Time Kickstarter offers below. Otherwise you can click here to go to their page.


About The Project

VORACIOUS is a comic book series published by Action Lab Entertainment. It’s about a time-traveling chef who hunts dinosaurs in the past and serves them at his restaurant in the present! Think Top Chef meets Jurassic World with more sass. The series is written Markisan Naso and illustrated and lettered by Jason Muhr. It features colors by Andrei Tabacaru.

Our first series launched in February 2016 to widespread critical and fan acclaim. So much so, that Action Lab asked us to continue the story. We’re launching this campaign to help us cover our production costs for VORACIOUS: Feeding Time #1-5. This new mini-series picks up right where the original series left off. The first issue will hit shops this December.

To say this comic is a labor of love is an understatement, as we have been working on it hard for over three years now, from early concept meetings when we co-created it, to full blown series. If it was physically possible for us to have a baby together this would be it. Our wives would not be happy if there was an actual baby, but they are more than content with the fictional baby VORACIOUS.

Behold some pictures of our brand new bundle ‘o joy!






So this is where you come in. You can help us put out VORACIOUS: Feeding Time and in return for your contribution you get limited edition swag. And we have some pretty awesome swag. Take a look. Check out the rest of the tiers on their Kickstarter page.

VORACIOUS; Feeding Time #1 Kickstarter Exclusive Cover!



Kickstarter Exclusive VORACIOUS Print by Jason & Andrei!


Kickstarter Exclusive VORACIOUS T-Shirt!


Kickstarter Exclusive VORACIOUS Apron!


The Team



MARKISAN NASO is the writer of the critically-acclaimed comic book series, VORACIOUS, published by Action Lab Entertainment. He is also an editor and publishing expert who has managed and revitalized national publications such as Knowledge Quest and School Library Research for the American Library Association. An accomplished journalist, Markisan has authored more than 150 features in print and on the web, covering subjects as diverse as EF5 tornadoes, death metal and Superman. Most recently he wrote a tribute to the late Darwyn Cooke for The Comics Journal. Markisan has also edited over a dozen books, including The Anatomy of Zur-en-Arrh: Understanding Grant Morrison’s Batman and Voyage in Noise: Warren Ellis and the Demise of Western Civilization for the Sequart Organization. In his spare time he interviews comic book creators for his podcast, COLLOQUIUM. He loves kitties and metal.

To find out more about Markisan, visit his website, www.markisan.com.

Twitter: @DarthSan

Facebook: facebook.com/MarkisanNaso


JASON MUHR is the artist, designer and letterer for the critically-acclaimed comic book series, VORACIOUS, published by Action Lab Entertainment. He has also illustrated variant covers for Valiant Entertainment and co-created the short story “Like Giants” with Mark Waid for Thrillbent. Jason has a decade of experience as a professional illustrator and graphic designer, providing companies with logo and concept designs, and art for products such as plush toys, remote-control robots, interactive games, garden accessories, pottery and candy. Prior to entering the art and design world, Jason spent six years on the retail side of the comic book market, as an assistant manager at the Graham Crackers Comics chain of Chicagoland comic shops.

To find out more about Jason, visit his website, www.jasonmuhr.com.

Twitter: @JasonMuhr

Facebook: facebook.com/jason.muhr



ANDREI TABACARU is a colorist, illustrator and graphic designer living in Romania. He’s been drawing, scribbling and smudging heroes and villains on paper since he was in kindergarten. He has colored the comic book series HAC, Ziraxes, Defects and Ice Heart for HAC!BD. His other passion is his business Wild Forest Cuisine (www.wildforest.co) which creates beautiful, healthy and sustainable plant-based food from the nature’s heart.

Twitter: @AndreiTabacaru

Facebook: facebook.com/andreitabacaru0

You can follow about VORACIOUS on Twitter at @VoraciousComic, or add us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/VoraciousComic



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